Web site a central point for on-campus volunteering opportunities

A new Web site launched by the Educational Development Centre will act as a central point for volunteers and volunteering opportunities on-campus.

The Volunteer Website will allow event organizers to recruit volunteers, says Laura Prada, student development and support transition services intern.

“You just visit the site and enter a brief description of your event or opportunity, indicating the topics of interest and time requirements,” she says. “Then, student volunteers whose own registration matches up will receive an automated e-mail notification about your event. Interested students will contact you and you are done.”

She says that users can manage and revise profiles of volunteers and opportunities at any time. The site is still under construction, but will showcase both one-time and long-term opportunities. Prada invites the submission of volunteer requests by e-mail at mailto:volunteering@uwindsor.ca.

“We believe this project will foster a deeper sense of community on-campus, while also encouraging and guiding students to get involved with all kinds of activities and events,” she says.

Check it out at www.uwindsor.ca/volunteer/.