Sign posting rules aimed at campus beautification

Keeping the campus beautiful is everyone’s responsibility, says Susan Mark, executive director of Facility Services, and that extends to responsible posting of posters and flyers.

The University adopted a Sign Posting Policy in June 2004 with a stated aim of decreasing paper strewn throughout the campus, but Mark’s department has been receiving complaints about compliance.

“No one enjoys an environment with lots of visual clutter, with litter on the ground, or with chipped paint and smudged windows,” she says.

The policy restricts the posting of flyers to bulletin boards installed for that purpose, and prohibits affixing signs to windows, doors, brickwork or outdoors. Read the full policy online here.

Mark says she hopes that a reminder about the rules will help reduce infractions and that members of the campus community will pitch in to remove material posted improperly.

“This isn’t just a Facility Services policy, it is university-wide,” she says. “Everyone can assist, so we’re looking to students, faculty and other employees to help keep our surroundings beautiful.”