Hoopnotica offers an alternative cardio workout

Who says hula hoops are a thing of the past? Not Kathy Bellamy, who runs Hoopnotica classes for Campus Recreation.

“Hoopnotica is a fun fitness alternative,” Bellamy says. “Hula hooping will strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, strengthen and mobilize your lower back and hips. Because you are engaging and using so many different muscle groups at the same time you also have the benefit of burning far more calories than you would with just simple sit-ups or crunches.”

She says making it part of your fitness routine will also improve your posture, balance and agility.

The flow of that hoop as it rolls across your abdomen massages your internal organs and increases blood flow to your whole body,” she says. Learning and practicing moves pushes your brain and body to connect and communicate.”

She invites anyone interested in learning more to join her this evening at 5 p.m. in the St. Denis Centre’s Multi-Purpose Room.