Panel to discuss Occupy movement

Tuition costs remain a hot topic on the University of Windsor campus, and now students are taking those concerns to the streets, joining the “Occupy” movements that were sparked on the streets of New York City.

“Everyone has specific things that they do not like,” says Mohammad Almoayad, one of about 20 students among the protesters camping out in the park in front of Windsor City Hall.

Almoayad supports eliminating tuition altogether, saying it would cost “only $5 billion.”

Others question the practicality of such demands. Criminology and political science student Trevor Fairlie is uncertain whether the objectives of the Occupy movement are attainable.

“As a student I can say that it would be great to not have to pay tuition,” says Fairlie. “But we do live in tough economic times and government cannot be taking the full burden of tuition for every student.”

A panel composed of students, occupiers from both Windsor and Detroit, and professors will discuss various aspects of Occupy Windsor and the Occupy movement in general on Wednesday, November 16, at 4:30 p.m. in room 1120, Erie Hall. Speakers include student Darryl Ga with an explanation of how the movement relates to students, and philosophy professor Jeff Noonan, with an outline of corporatocracy.

– story by Jenna Bontorin

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