Fraternity members soak people for donations

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. With that can-do attitude, members of the Sigma Chi fraternity dove right into a charitable endeavour last week – soaking in a hot tub outside the CAW Student Centre to raise funds for the fight against ovarian cancer.

“One of our sorority sisters has ovarian cancer, so we want to support research for a cure,” said second-year communications student Josh Harendorf.

While the heat can get tiring, he said that it was fun hanging out with his buddies for a good cause – and the unseasonably mild temperatures made it that much more pleasant.

“All the brothers have been taking shifts and pulling their weight,” he said. “People passing by get a smile and have been pitching in donations.”

The stunt, now in its 10th year, raised about $1,000 for Ovarian Cancer Canada.

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