Professional presentation sparks campus pride

New signage premiered at Friday’s open house won approval from UWindsor faculty and staff and presented a professional image to guests, says assistant provost Dave Bussière.

“We have had phenomenal buy-in from areas across campus,” he says. “So many people have come up to express the pride they feel when they see these materials.”

The new signs included retractable banners for each faculty, used to promote programs at the information fair, and large flags planted around the perimeter of campus and outside key sites for visitors.

“Facility Services was up at 4 a.m. helping us put these banners up,” Dr. Bussière says. “They suggested placement that really maximized the visual impact.”

Zora Savic, events coordinator in the liaison office, says the signage will appear at future events, ensuring continuity in the University’s image. The purchase of these materials was underwritten by the Strategic Priority Fund as an investment in student recruitment.

“These signs send a message to prospective students and their families that they are welcome, that we prepared for their visit because they are important to us,” she says. “We are offering a professional event created just for them to get the information they need to make the decision of where they will begin the next stage of their educations.”

Helen and Sidney Marentette with Victoria Turner

Mother Helen and daughter Sidney Marentette, a senior at Harrow District High School, speak with greeter Victoria Turner on Friday after registering for open house at the Welcome Centre.

Stanisalv Veinberg

Grad student Stanislav Veinberg tosses a frozen balloon to touring high schoolers during the Chemistry Magic Show.

Sara Kox

Tour guide Sara Kox, a kinesiology major, leads a group through the Toldo Health Education Centre.

Professor Andrew Allen addresses students

Education professor Andrew Allen joins members of the Teachers for Tanzania for a presentation on their recent trip to Africa, during the fifth annual Social Justice in Education conference, Friday, March 9.