Lecture to offer insights into physical cultural practices of Canadian aboriginal peoples

Most research discussing ways to improve physical fitness in targeted groups starts from what might be termed a “deficit” perspective: studying the problems and challenges faced by the group, and looking at how to target and ameliorate these deficits.

A “strengths” approach starts instead from the assumption that all groups and individuals have certain strengths, and looks at ways individuals assisting the group can work with them to further develop those strengths.

A free public presentation by data librarian Kristi Thompson and kinesiology professor Victoria Paraschak will showcase the research they did to develop data that could be used as a basis for a strength-based approach to sports and recreation among Canadian aboriginal peoples.

Part of the Librarian Research Series, “Finding Strength(s): Insights on Canadian Aboriginal physical cultural practices” is set for Friday, May 4, at 11 a.m. in room 302, West Leddy Library.

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