Open house to showcase projects of electrical and computer engineering students

Imagine a device that alerted blind people they are about to walk into an obstacle, or that could tell identify for them approaching individuals. A group of UWindsor engineering students is working to turn this science fiction into reality.

The group designed a belt that vibrates to indicate to wearers the location of an obstacle nearby. It also incorporates a camera and an existing face recognition program to identify people and whisper their names to the user.

The project is intended to provide more freedom of motion for people with visual disabilities, and is just one of 16 capstone design projects that will be displayed during an open house Wednesday, August 1, in the Centre for Engineering Innovation. The event is a showcase of the final projects by graduating students of electrical and computer engineering.

Other projects include:

  • a bionic hand that can move in synchronization with a user’s hand for remote control or as a prosthesis;
  • a system to transmit electricity wirelessly to power household appliances;
  • a system to help drivers avoid accidents by monitoring road signs and the proximity of other cars; and
  • a way to use magnetic induction to charge the batteries in an electric vehicle without a plug.

Read more about this year’s projects. Wednesday’s event runs 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is free and open to the public.