New signage to highlight campus improvements

Bearing the message “Here We Grow—another UWindsor improvement is underway,” new signs installed across campus will alert passersby to construction works, says Susan Mark, executive director of Facility Services.

“We have a number of projects on the go, from the temporary parking lot on the former Cody Hall site to the redesign of the Student Centre Courtyard,” Mark says. “We wanted a way to alert the University community that while the loss of access may pose a temporary inconvenience, it will soon result in tangible benefits for us all.”

The signs identify each project’s title, its expected completion date, and where appropriate, detours and alternate routes.

“There is a lot of work getting done on campus this summer,” says Mark. “We know it can pose challenges and hope that these signs will help minimize any frustration. It is really a terrific good-news story for the campus community and visitors to be able to see all these improvements to our grounds and buildings.”

Watch a newsclip from CTV about campus construction: