Volunteers make move-in smoother for new residence students

Going away to school takes more stuff than in his day, said a father helping his son move in to Macdonald Hall on Sunday.

“When I packed for college, I just threw my backpack on my shoulder and I was ready to go,” said Steve Robinson, who said it took seven trips from the van to carry in the supplies of his son, Dillon Robinson. “Between the iPad, computer, guitar, every bit of clothing he owns—it adds up.”

Luckily, he said, there was plenty of help.

“There were all sorts of volunteers offering to haul with us,” he said. “They were very polite and very helpful.”

Dozens of experienced students pitched in to assist new arrivals, carrying boxes and bags, giving directions, and even providing refreshments.

Angel Ho said volunteering gives her a chance to enhance her organizational and language skills, while empathizing with the stress of starting university.

“It is hard for first-year students,” said the Hong Kong native. “I experienced it and I want to help.”

Abbey Chapman, a double major in drama in education and communication studies, said she appreciated the help: “These people are very nice.”

Among her belongings she brought from her Ottawa home to Laurier Hall are several pillows and a thick mattress topper to help with her back problems.

“I’m very impressed with my room. It’s very spacious,” she said. An early arrival, she had yet to meet her roommate—“I’m a little nervous about that,” Chapman laughed.

About 1,350 students will take up residence in one of six campus halls this semester; over 1,000 did so on Move-in Day. According to preliminary numbers from Residence Services, the mix in residence is about 50-50 male and female, 75 per cent first-year students, and about 120 international students from 40 countries.

Students waiting to helop move people in Clark Residence

Angel Ho, Shudi Wang, Shangfeng Chen and Jing Shao unleash their inner Lancers as volunteers for Residence Move-in Day, Sunday outside the Clark townhouses.

Juliana Lima and Alanne Brandao

Brazilian exchange students Juliana Lima and Alanne Brandao don sunglasses distributed free by the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance.

Javier Buckley and Cassandra Pineda

First-year student Javier Buckley and Cassandra Pineda peruse the goods at the University Bookstore’s temporary counter in Vanier Hall on Sunday.

Tara Chase

Tara Chase, a first-year criminology major, completes the final leg of her journey from Burlington to Laurier Hall.

Paschal Dim enjoys a hamburger

Paschal Dim, an environmental science student from Nigeria by way of the Netherlands, enjoys a free lunch during international student orientation.

Maaya Kaul, Alicia Muzslai

Massey grads Maaya Kaul and Alicia Muzslai set up their tent in preparation for Sunday's Camp on Campus. “We’re commuters, so we won’t get the whole residence experience,” Kaul said. “We need to get out and engage and meet people.”