Windsor Police to put safety first during welcome week

The Windsor Police Service will take an active approach to enforcement of liquor laws during the start of the school year, it told representatives of University administration, student and neighbourhood groups during a meeting on the subject last week.

Bar owners city-wide can expect inspections in relation to the Liquor Licence Act, making sure they understand their obligations with regard to the responsible sale, service and consumption of alcohol. Officers will also be noticeably more visible in communities surrounding the campus, looking for loud parties and disorderly conduct.

“Our primary goal is to promote and ensure community safety,” said Matthew D’Asti, a sergeant with the Windsor Police Service. “We want to welcome students as part of our community and ensure that they have a successful and safe experience. Our increased patrols and pro-active enforcement emphasize our obligation to ensure the safety of all of our community members.”

The announcement was welcomed by Kim Orr, president of University of Windsor Students’ Alliance.

“It’s important that we respect everyone who lives in the neighbourhood around the University and make this a great community to live in,” she said. “While there is more to the university experience than books and studying, the area won’t be turned into one giant outside party.”

The police, the city government and university administration have shown they understand neighbour concerns regarding noise and litter, said Lena Angelidis, who lives near campus.

“As a result of numerous meetings held recently and the very high level of attention and priority given to these issues, I can say with certainty that the message has been clearly received,” she said. “Our students are an asset: they’re our future. We need to welcome them as treasured members of our community and remind them that Windsor could be their permanent home after graduation so we need to work together to show our pride in our neighbourhoods and therefore, our city as a whole.”

UWindsor chief communications officer Holly Ward emphasized the importance of communication to ensure a successful community experience.

“Our students play a significant role in the safety and well-being of the surrounding neighbourhood and we want everyone to have a positive and safe experience living in the community,” said Ward. “Through the Campus Community Police and University of Windsor administration, we have a very collaborative relationship with Windsor Police Service who have taken a proactive approach to ensure the safety of our students and surrounding community.”