American Windsorites to gather for Obama convention speech

It is important to stay on top of political developments in his home country, says Dan Edelstein, even when it’s right next door.

Edelstein, academic director of the Windsor Research Data Centre in the Leddy Library, is a US citizen living in Windsor. He will join fellow members of Democrats Abroad on Thursday, September 6, to watch president Barack Obama’s speech accepting the Democratic nomination.

“I still vote and participate,” Edelstein says. “We care about how things are going—it’s our home country and we have family and connections there. Plus, there is always the chance we will go back.”

The evening is open to all interested—Americans and their non-American friends and relatives—and begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Beer Market, 119 Chatham Street West. Organizers will have a computer on hand to register eligible voters online.