Financial aid clerk to write a few retirement postcards

Zina Plantus is most commonly known to her student clients as “the postcard lady,” for her collection on display in the financial aid office, says acting director Marian Doll.

“Zina’s workstation is wallpapered with postcards from vacations that she has taken and that others have taken,” Doll says. “Many times, students have brought in postcards to add to her collection.”

Plantus is retiring at the end of October after a 29-year career with the University of Windsor. Doll says her even temperament suited the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office.

“Despite the often stressful and chaotic environment, Zina always managed to stay calm and collected,” she says. “She would never allow anger or frustration to show through.”

Her officemates celebrated with a luncheon last week but invite colleagues from other departments to stop by and offer congratulations on Wednesday, October 31, Plantus’ last day.