Photographer seeking angles for book on campus life

With a coffee table book on the University of Windsor nearing completion, the project’s photographer Richard Bain says there still a few holes to be filled.

He has spent more than a year taking pictures of campus life for a book to be published in celebration of the University’s 50th anniversary in 2013. The hardbound volume will feature about 120 pages of full-colour photographs as well as essays on the University’s history and a foreword by professor emeritus Alistair MacLeod.

Bain says he has received a lot of support from faculty, staff and students.

“The people here have been fantastic to work with,” Bain says, adding he was especially excited to have met Wednesday with MacLeod: “I think readers will really enjoy his contribution to the book.”

He plans to wrap up photography by January and acknowledges some departments may feel he has missed them.

“I want to hear from anyone with thoughts about great photo opportunities,” he says.

He invites students, faculty, staff and grads to e-mail photo ideas to him at