Economics teaching assistant hoping to inspire fellow international students

 Hua Meng

Hua Meng.

An international student herself, Hua Meng says she was amazed to see the ethnic diversity on the UWindsor campus. A teaching assistant in economics, the master’s candidate says she hopes to set an example.

“I think that my taking on a role as a TA is good for undergraduate students from China and other countries to see that we can make a good contribution to our Canadian university too,” says Meng.

She says that she is looking forward to developing greater understanding of her role through the GATA Network. Meng will have a chance to learn at GA/TA Celebration Day, Thursday, November 29, in the CAW Student Centre. A display of her testimonial and others like it will describe the breadth of experience enjoyed by graduate and teaching assistants in programs across the campus.

Michelle Gajewski says that working as a graduate assistant in sociology and a teaching assistant in computer science has forced her out of her comfort zone.

 Michelle Gajewski

Michelle Gajewski.

“I’m really quite a shy person,” says the master’s student in sociology. “My current role requires me to lead two labs a week, with up to 50 students in each.”

She says the challenge has provided great personal and professional development.

“I know that in the real world, the more outgoing you are, the more likely you are to get the best job offers and opportunities,” Gajewski says.

Watch DailyNews for excerpts from more testimonials leading up to Thursday’s event.

GA/TA Celebration Day, in the CAW Student Centre on Thursday, November 29, will feature a display of testimonials.