Business student’s company promotes heavyweight charity event

Adrian Taropa has signed on for a real fight.

The fourth-year business student has taken a leading role in promoting Get in the Ring, a fundraiser for the Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital Foundation and the Care for Kidneys Foundation, centred on a boxing match for the Canadian heavyweight championship.

Taropa’s web design company, TD Labs, oversaw the online marketing, booking system and web development for the event, December 14 at the Caboto Club.

In addition to the title fight between current Canadian champ Neven Pajkic and challenger Shane Andreesen, the card includes bouts between undefeated Windsor heavyweight Ali Mansour and Caleb Grummet, and a four-round contest between Josh Cameron and Shane Upshaw.

The formal affair will also feature musical entertainment and a seven-course dinner. Taropa says it will bring together some of the community’s highest profile professionals and businesspeople.

“Get in the Ring represents a tremendous opportunity for students—especially those in business, medicine and law—to meet potential future employers and for recent and upcoming graduates to pursue a career in Windsor,” he says.

Find more information on the event website.

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