STEPS program builds study skills

December 18 marked the last day of exams of the fall 2012 semester at the University of Windsor.

The school’s Skills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) program aided in the preparation for final exams through group sessions that introduced practical methods to help students improve their learning and study skills.

“The top two sessions would be those on test anxiety and multiple choice exams,” said Laura Prada, student development and support transition services intern.

Sessions are held throughout the academic year by Prada and Sarah Formagin, a fifth-year student in English and psychology. Topics range from referencing and plagiarism to the writing process, from exam strategies to ways to study smarter, not harder.

A membership can be purchased for $15 at the Educational Development Centre located in the basement of Dillon Hall. Non-members can attend group sessions for a fee of $5 at the door.

“When you’re a member you also get to do a learning strategies inventory,” said Prada. “That provides us with a good idea about you as a learner so that we can customize the information to meet your needs.”

Members also have access to one-on-one sessions to discuss any of the topics of sessions they may have missed.

Wesley Foster, a first-year student in English literature and creative writing, has yet to try the program, but said students stressing while studying would benefit from it.

“I’m an auditory learner,” he said. “When I study, I like to read all of my study notes out loud, so I can hear it while it sets in.”

For a complete schedule of upcoming sessions visit

— by Kristen DiMenna