Facility Services calling on campus community to close windows

Leaving windows open in campus offices, classrooms and labs can be detrimental to buildings’ health, says Facility Services.

The reminder was prompted by an incident last weekend, when a window was left open, freezing water pipes which burst and caused a great deal of damage inside the building.

Although the cold weather this week should provide its own reminder to keep windows closed, freezing temperatures aren’t the only hazard, says administrative assistant Pat Roberts.

“When windows are left open and rooms are empty, we’ve had squirrels climb right in looking for warmth and food,” she says. “Of course that seems cute until the occupants return to find a wild animal on the loose, causing damage to their furniture, papers and electronics.”

She reminds anyone who does find a broken water pipe to immediately alert Maintenance Dispatch at 519-253-3000, ext. 2850.