Use of Intelligent Transportation Systems data focus of seminar

In order for a traffic micro-simulation model to be effective it must be able to replicate both supply and demand characteristics, as well as their interaction, says Laurence R. Rilett.

A professor of civil engineering and the inaugural holder of the Keith W. Klaasmeyer Chair in Engineering and Technology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he will describe the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems to calibrate simulations in his free public presentation, “Calibration of Micro-Simulation Models Using ITS Data: Lessons Learned,” at 3 p.m. Thursday, April 11, in room 3000, Centre for Engineering Innovation.

“The recent widespread deployment of ITS in North America has provided an opportunity to obtain significant amounts of traffic related data on a point, link, and trip basis,” says Dr. Rilett. “In addition, there has been a corresponding increase in the quality and quantity of micro-simulation models that can be used to model transportation systems.”

His talk will focus on lessons learned from various calibration-related research projects over the past 10 years and will conclude with a discussion of current and future research initiatives in this area.

The event is part of the Transportation Seminar Series hosted by the Cross-Border Transportation Centre and the transportation group of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.