Wall symbolizes division of prejudices

Actions speak louder than words: that’s the main motivation behind the University of Windsor’s fraternity Pi Lambda Phi’s two-year project on the issue of prejudice within society.

Matt Battiston

Visitors to a project by Pi Lambda Phi are invited to describe their experiences with discrimination.

The fraternity has created a tunnel that symbolizes the barriers that prejudice creates. Six sections, each representing a type of discrimination, divide the walls within: bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia.

“The purpose is to have somebody walk through here, write any kind of discrimination they have ever come across in life. After when they reach the end, they write on the wall how they came across it,” said Brock Warren, member of the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. “We want to bring everyone together and let them understand that prejudice seems to be a big issue around this school.”

According to Warren, rather than having a paper that goes around place to place, the fraternity wanted something more visual.

“The more creative it seems to get, the more people actually get involved,” he said.

The wall will stand in the quad between Chrysler and Dillon halls until Friday, April 12. Volunteers are also staffing a table soliciting donations to local services. Also people may make origami cranes that will be donated to various relief services in the community to be given as inspirational mementos.

For 118 years, Pi Lambda Phi has been focusing on the elimination of prejudices and barriers. To learn more about Pi Lambda Phi, visit its website, www.uwindsor.ca/clubs/pilambdaphi.

— article and photo by Meagan Anderi