First-year students Arlene Abendanio, Princess Doe and Kayla MillerFirst-year students Arlene Abendanio, Princess Doe and Kayla Miller consult a map sending them on a scavenger hunt through neighbourhoods near the campus Tuesday.

Activities help students to find their way

A scavenger hunt sending them through the streets of Windsor is as good a way as any to familiarize themselves with the neighbourhood around campus, said first-year students Arlene Abendanio, Princess Doe and Kayla Miller.

The three pitted their wits and their orienteering skills for a race against the clock Tuesday as part of Windsor Welcome Week activities.

“So far, so good,” Miller said as the three made their way east on Wyandotte Street. “Next up, we’re heading to Hoi (a sushi restaurant).”

Their event was intended for local students; others hosted by the Windsor Inter-residence Council and the concurrent education students’ club were confined to campus.

The colour purple

The Engineering Society had a ready explanation for having entering students “purple” themselves with a dip in a pool of violet dye.

“This is done all across Canada,” explained society president Lotus Pupulin. “Army engineers used to wear purple armbands identifying them and as they got wet, the colour would bleed. Now we continue that tradition.”

purple guys sputter in a pool of dye
Engineering students Cameron Hedges and Jason Lamptey dye themselves purple Tuesday outside the Centre for Engineering Innovation.

A little light reading

Sisters and fellow biology majors Jessica and Lisa Dee Rose stopped by the University Bookstore on Tuesday to get a head start on purchasing their required texts.

Windsor Welcome Week continues today with orientation sessions for new students in every program, the Welcoming Celebration pep rally at 3 p.m. in the St. Denis Centre, and the Coming Home Music Festival on Windsor’s riverfront.

Classes start Thursday; orientation activities include the Adrenaline Rush inflatable carnival and a performance by comedian Trevor Boris. Find a full list of event descriptions, locations and times at