Reception a chance to bid bon voyage to exchange students

International exchange students from the University of Windsor gathered in Winclare A of Vanier Hall on Tuesday night to say goodbye—some students for four months, others forever.

Soon students from the University of Windsor will be travelling abroad to learn. The University will also say goodbye to some of its students from overseas.

“My first intention here was to learn English,” said Vinicius Sebedauskas, of Brazil, “and to learn another culture to open my mind.”

International students, like Akshay Waghchoure, made connections to Canada during their stays.

“I like the people over here,” said Waghchoure, an industrial engineering student on exchange from India. “They are more friendly, more humble.”

Groups of students stood around the tables, talking about experiences of the past, and what they were excited about in their futures.

“I'm excited to get back to the routine of being at home,” said Harriett Holt, a chemistry and forensics major.

Michelle Fitzgerald, administrator of exchange student services, shared her enthusiasm for the student exchange program.

“An experience like this gives students growth opportunities, the opportunity to travel, and the understanding of international competencies,” she said.

Students have a choice of spending one or two semesters abroad.

“There is a lot of networking experiences,” said Samantha Fernandez, a communications, media, and film major. “I'm really excited to travel all around Europe.”

Sometimes student exchange is an experience to make with friends. Alexis Fetherston, majoring in concurrent education in French, Brittany Baker and Alexandra Biniarz, both English and French majors, plan to go to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter games.

“It would be a really great experience if the papers go through,” said Baker.

—Samuel Spiering