Fatima IbrahimIt's crunch time: Nursing student Fatima Ibrahim was happy for a cookie and coffee.

Coffee and cookies a comfort for students

A cookie isn’t just empty calories, says Fatima Ibrahim—it’s energy. And the third-year nursing student said Monday a cookie and jolt of caffeine in the form of coffee was just what she needed in preparing for her exams.

Ibrahim was one of hundreds of patrons greeted at the entrance to the Leddy Library with a free cookie and hot beverage during its Student Appreciation event Monday.

“It’s very nice,” she said as she selected a pastry studded with chunks of white chocolate and macadamia nuts. “You feel they are supporting you.”

Sales of decommissioned books covered the costs of the goodwill gesture, said Karen Pillon, head of the library’s access services department. And this year, the cookies went a little further.

“We are allowing just one per customer,” Pillon said. “They’re free, so no one has been complaining!”

Second-year criminology major Dea Tosku certainly wasn’t complaining. Entering the library to study for her final exam in law and social order, she stopped by the table to pick up a quick treat. “It’s awesome!” she said.