Steve Green.Steve Green, coordinator of the Windsor-Essex County Community Garden Collective, instructs local high school students in skills for growing healthy fresh produce.

United Way provides value to donors

The United Way keeps its overhead costs among the lowest among charities, ensuring that donations are used in support of its goals to improve the community. As the campus organizing committee gears up for its annual campaign, it has a new tool that will help to keep those costs low.

“Our fundraising period has conflicted with the University’s Annual Giving Program when it centred on the fall semester,” says campaign chair Datta Pillay. “We are moving to a campaign held in the winter semester, and as a transition year, the 2014 campaign will launch in June.”

Later this month, UWindsor employees will receive an invitation to participate in E-Pledge, an online donation option that allows contributors to specify one-time or continuing support for the United Way. The E-Pledge will save on paper and printing costs, as well as reduce duplication of work in data entry and tracking.

“This personalized program will give everyone access to their own accounts, so they can review their individual giving profile,” Dr. Pillay says. “It is better for the donors and saves work at the central offices.”

This commitment to economy means that United Way spends 82.4 percent of all monies raised on programming, well above the sector average of 78.2 percent. The Windsor-Essex United Way focuses on three priorities:

  • Supporting Basic Needs and Independence, ensuring that residents of Windsor-Essex County have access to food, shelter and other necessities that support and transition individuals and families towards greater independence.
  • Positioning Kids and Families for Success, providing opportunities to develop positive social and cognitive skills and to educate and support parents and kids to build stronger families.
  • Creating Thriving Neighbourhoods, inspiring residents to participate and contribute to their neighbourhood, and creating a sense of ownership that improves neighbourhood conditions.

Watch for more information on the campus campaign for United Way through the month of June.