pink carnation in Memorial of HopeFlowers placed on the Memorail of Hope during Convocation serve as a reminder of those students who never got a chance to graduate.

Flowers a tribute to slain students

As we honour those students who graduate from the University and prepare to launch their careers, we should remember those who never got the chance, says a UWindsor professor.

Lana Lee of the chemistry and biochemistry department placed flowers in each of the 14 stones of the Memorial of Hope during Convocation ceremonies last week. The sculpture, located between Essex and Dilon halls, honours the young women slain in 1989’s Montreal Massacre at Ecole Polytechnique. It was the first time she made the gesture, Dr. Lee says, but it won’t be the last.

“I don’t want generations to come to forget about these young women, who were slain before they got the chance to follow their dreams,” she says. “It’s a simple thing, but I hope it serves as a reminder for us all.”

The pink carnations caught the attention of graduands and their families making their way across campus, adding a solemn note to the celebrations.