New video provides helpful tips for Social Work practicum students

Students in the School of Social Work have a new tool to help them bridge the gap between social work classroom theory and day-to-day practice in a professional environment.

Community Partners for Applied Research and Consultation (CPARC), in association with the School of Social Work and the Office of Open Learning, have developed a video to instruct students about the elements of a successful practicum placement.

“We want them to understand that they are learners within the organization and we want our students to be able to recognize and work across all levels of practice,” says Mary Medcalf, program coordinator of field education in the School of Social Work.

The video provides tips for the practicum student from the point of view of field administrators and field instructors and discusses what is expected in a practicum environment.

Cheryl Taggart, senior project manager of the Community-University Partnership for Community Development, Research and Training, says field experience helps students to develop critical thinking skills and passion for service, as well as an understanding of their client base and the organizations in which they may serve.

“The main goal is to have our students leave here fully equipped to take up their role as a social worker in the community,” she says.

Watch the video: