Chris O’Gorman shares a smooch with WinstonMistletoe meeting: Student recruitment officer Chris O’Gorman shares a smooch with the Winston figure he won, courtesy of the Campus Bookstore.

Contest winner to take prize on the road

Lancer mascot Winston makes a great conversation piece, says Chris O’Gorman.

A student recruitment officer, he plans to use the stuffed miniature version he won in Monday’s DailyNews quiz contest as an ice breaker with prospective students.

“I’m going to keep him right here on my desk,” O’Gorman said. “I’ll eve n take him with me for school visits!”

O’Gorman’s entry was drawn from all those which came up with the correct responses in the trivia quiz on the lyrics to seasonal songs. For those playing at home:

  • “Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?” Auld Lang Syne, Robert Burns
  • “You left me on the day after Christmas / There’s nothing left to say, and so goodnight” Boxing Day, Blink 182
  • “He’ll come a-calling when the snow’s the most / When all you cats are sleeping warm as toast” Cool Yule, Steve Allen
  • “I make toys, but I've got aspirations” Elf’s Lament, Ed Robertson
  • “Amid the California flora I’ll be lighting my menorah” Hanukkah in Santa Monica, Tom Lehrer
  • “Speeding arrow, sharp and narrow / What a lot of fleeting matters you have spurned” Saint Stephen, the Grateful Dead
  • “Maybe I’m crazy to suppose I’d ever be the one you chose” What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Frank Loesser

If you missed out on the prize, don’t despair—the Campus Bookstore is well-stocked in the figures, which make a great stocking stuffer and sell for just $22.95.