smart phone displaying UWindsor Alert messageThe UWindsor Alert system sends messages to smartphones, landlines, computers and other devices.

Incident serves as reminder to register with emergency notification service

The search Wednesday for a man police suspected was armed highlights the usefulness of the UWindsor Alert system, says Chris Zelezney, a sergeant with Campus Community Police responsible for emergency preparedness.

“The system gives us the capacity to provide students, faculty and staff with immediate and personal notice in the event of any threat to safety involving the campus community,” he says. “These emergency communications have the potential to save lives.”

Wednesday’s incident involved an American man who bypassed customs officers after crossing the Ambassador Bridge. He abandoned his vehicle in a west side neighbourhood and fled the area before his apprehension by police.

Windsor police asked citizens to avoid the area. Several schools nearby were briefly placed on a “hold and secure” status.

Zelezney also issued messages through UWindsor Alert. The system sends text and voice messages to any registered device, including cell phones, landlines or computers. However, its effectiveness depends on up-to-date contact information, he says.

“With the start of the new year, it’s a good occasion to register for the service or update our records,” says Zelezney.

Registration through the Campus Police website is free and available to anyone with a UWin ID.