Marissa Younan poses with the health cartPusher: Marissa Younan will wheel the health cart through campus gathering spaces this semester, delivering snacks and information on Student Success Centre services.

Cart to bring success to students across campus

Healthy foods are a lot more conducive to studying, says Marissa Younan, which is why she is excited to be delivering them to students across campus this semester.

Outreach assistant for the Student Success Centre, the fourth-year arts and science major will push the Health Cart through gathering spaces in UWindsor buildings, offering snacks and information.

“I love doing stuff like this,” says Younan. “I get to talk to students, see what they know about the centre, and hear what services they might need.”

The modified handcart will dispense fresh fruit, granola bars and juice boxes as well as promotional items like pens and USB drives with contact information for the Student Success Centre. Younan will also distribute a flyer outlining the centre’s services.

She will set out at 11 a.m., just as potential patrons are feeling mid-morning hunger pangs. The food is an ice-breaker as well as representing real value to students, Younan says: “It can be really hard for busy students to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Her first foray is Tuesday, February 3, to the Leddy Library and CAW Student Centre. Additional stops scheduled are:

  • February 12, Chrysler Hall, the quad residences, and the Toldo Health Education Centre;
  • February 26, Music Building, Centre for Engineering Innovation, and Alumni Hall;
  • March 12, Human Kinetics and LeBel buildings;

returning to the Leddy Library and CAW Student Centre on March 26 and April 9.