William Schuller English major William Schuller receives congratulations from dean of students Clayton Smith for his 89 percent cumulative average during a reception to honour top-performing residence students.

Reception recognizes residence excellence

UWindsor students living on campus excel in many ways, including in their academic pursuits, the head of the Residence Services department told a reception earlier this month.

“We know that learning happens in and outside of the classroom so we strive to provide you with a healthy learning environment that complements and supports your academic program,” she told attendees. “We do this by creating community and offer many opportunities to develop leadership skills, expose you to the needs of our community through outreach activities, create help you to develop life skills, and give you the tools to make positive lifestyle choices.”

The February 4 event celebrated the accomplishments of residence students with an academic average of at least A-, as well as those who held leadership positions while earning an average of B+ or above.

“Interestingly, we’ve had a substantial increase in the number of students who attained an A average as compared to last year at this time,” Rawlings said.