Melissa Woghiren, Catherine LiuComputer science student Melissa Woghiren signs a pledge as an Ambassador for Academic Integrity, overseen by fellow plenipotentiary Catherine Liu.

Students take pledge as exemplars of integrity

Creating a culture of honesty and responsibility requires the cooperation of the entire community, says Danieli Arbex.

That’s why the university’s academic integrity officer was so excited to see the inaugural cohort of students pledge Friday to maintain a high standard of conduct as Ambassadors for Academic Integrity.

“It is an amazing start to the program,” she said, after more than 20 students signed on as volunteer representatives of the values of trust, respect and fairness.

One of those students is Catherine Liu, who is studying human resources in the master of management program.

“I hope I can do something to help students avoid cheating,” she said. “I want them to do well in their exams and academic pursuits.”

Dean of students Clayton Smith told the newly-minted ambassadors that cheating devalues post-secondary education by calling into question every graduate’s credentials.

“We need to know that, in fact, you earned your degree,” he said. “The standard here is really important, because it affects all of you.”

He said that integrity extends beyond academic matters to affect “every way in which we interact with each other.”

Learn more about Ambassadors for Academic Integrity on the program website.