Pandey’s mango party on again

Tropical fruit lovers are invited to Siyaram Pandey’s annual mango party scheduled for Friday, June 5, at 3 p.m. in the front foyer of Essex Hall.

Dr. Pandey’s love of all things mango helps to support children’s educational opportunities in India, Kenya and Tanzania, through the Canadian World Education Foundation (CWED).

Party-goers are encouraged to come out and enjoy a variety of mangos while making a donation to the CWED, which benefits children of widowed mothers in these countries.

“Through this event, we collect $300 approximately, and as a CWED member I match the amount,” says Pandey, organizer of the iconic event and professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

“Due to the currency exchange difference, it only takes $100 a year to sponsor a child. Through the Mango party, we are able to extend our support to six orphaned children.”