The UWindsor ViewbookThe UWindsor Viewbook: coming soon to a desk near you!

Viewbook available as guide to prospective students

The 2016/17 UWindsor Viewbook has arrived and it’s heading across campus.

Whether you are interested in finding out more about the University’s programs or have family or friends who may be interested, Lionel Walsh, assistant vice president for North American recruitment, recommends using the UWindsor Viewbook as a guide to the many academic opportunities and services offered to incoming students.

“The Viewbook is our most important recruitment publication,” he says. “It is received by any high school student across Canada who inquires about our programs.”

Designed by Paul Green of Public Affairs and Communications, the Viewbook describes each of the University’s undergraduate degree programs. It features possible career paths and a chart including all of the prerequisites required for admission, information on scholarships, awards and financial aid, student life, co-op programs, athletics, residence life and more.

“This year, we have streamlined the Viewbook and many of the photos are new,” says Walsh. “Paul has also designed some fabulous infographics to catch the attention of the reader and provide exciting information at a glance.”

He says the new look is intended to increase student interest in the University of Windsor.

Inter-Campus mail service will deliver copies of the UWindsor Viewbook to every faculty and staff member in the next week. It is also available online at