Luqman Ejaz, Franco Magliaro and Badaruddin KhuhroChanging the face of men’s health: Pakistani Students’ Association president Luqman Ejaz, Mo’Leddy captain Franco Magliaro and cricket match coordinator Badaruddin Khuhro.

Cricket friendly to support library’s Movember effort

A cricket friendly match Friday in the St. Denis Centre will raise funds for men’s health awareness.

The Leddy Library Movember team—Mo’ Leddy—is partnering with the Pakistani Students’ Association for the event, which invites players to come out and compete.

“Anyone can come and play cricket with us, and each player has to donate $10,” explains organizer Badaruddin Khuhro.

The match will run 6:30 to 9 p.m. November 20. For details, contact Khuhro at 226-787-6786 or