an “Ask Me” buttonWearing an “Ask Me” button identifies UWindsor faculty and staff as people with answers for newcomers to campus.

Buttons aid visitors in identifying eager helpers

The Student Success Centre invites all UWindsor staff and faculty to wear “Ask Me” buttons for the period of Head Start, making it easier for campus visitors to identify people who can provide them with a welcoming smile, directions or basic information.

Sessions of Head Start, the orientation program for students entering the University in September, run May 27, 28 and 30 for students of business, engineering, nursing and sciences; June 3, 4 and 5 for students of human kinetics, arts, humanities and social sciences.

Check-in, a welcome session and the parent program run each day will be held in the lobby of the Centre for Engineering Innovation. Other Head Start locations throughout the day include: Dillon Hall, the CAW Student Centre, the Toldo Health Education Centre and Leddy Library.

“Ask Me” buttons are white and sport the university’s official logo. To get yours, contact Shelby Marchand in the Student Success Centre at She asks that wherever possible, departments coordinate their requests so that all of the buttons can be sent to one contact person for distribution.