Program offers mentoring for first-year students

Entering the first year of university can be nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t know where to start, says Lindsay Gore, co-ordinator of Connecting4Success.

The peer mentorship program pairs new students with upper-year students in their programs to provide insight and advice, helping them to succeed in first year.

“Not only do you get advice and assistance from your mentor, but there are many social and academic events on campus and off-campus that you can attend,” Gore says. “Plus, everything is completely free!”

The program is geared to first-generation students (those whose parents did not attend university or college), but open to any first-year student with the same concerns.

“The end result you will see is confidence, success, and knowledge,” says Gore. “Students who choose to join this program will increase their knowledge of campus resources, develop an appreciation for time management, and learn about classroom and academic expectations.”

For more information about Connecting4Success, including an application to receive a mentor, visit, or e-mail