Career & Employment Services Catalogue

New resource designed to get students thinking about career planning

A new publication from Career & Employment Services is designed to get students thinking about career planning at all stages of their UWindsor experience. The Career & Employment Services Catalogue is the first of its kind.

“It’s a great resource to help walk students through five key stages of career planning and to promote the corresponding services that Career & Employment Services offers at each step through workshops, labs, appointments and so much more,” says Kerri Zold, manager of Career & Employment Services.

As part of its mandate to help improve our students’ and grads’ career readiness, the office has distributed copies of the catalogue across campus, as well as making it available online for faculty and staff to share with students.

“We are hoping that instructors will use it as a valuable tool for guiding career discussions with students,” Zold says.

She encourages faculty to share the link to the Career & Employment Services Catalogue on their Blackboard sites and to refer students to Career & Employment Services in its new location at the east entrance of the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre for further information.