José Seoane’s “Gate III”José Seoane’s “Gate III,” acrylic on canvas with rope, and bronze.

Single large work to dominate gallery space

UWindsor visual arts instructor José Seoane will display his 2015 work Gate III as part of a series of exhibitions at SB Contemporary Art on the theme “One Wall, One Work.” Each month the gallery will exhibit one large artwork.

Seoane says his piece explores an immigrant’s journey, the process of integration and re-invention.

“Living in a border city has given me the unique opportunity to witness the conflicts and tensions that are more present at the edges of any nation, which is an extension of my own experience,” he says. “Here the border is a river, but it functions as a wall in the sense that it is a barrier between two cultures even though not appearing as such.”

The work will remain on display through June 3. SB Contemporary Art is located at 1017 Church Street.