Brunilda GjiniVideo testimonials, like this one by business student Brunilda Gjini, are front and centre on the updated student recruitment website.

Website design helps student recruitment highlight key features

The updated website for student recruitment puts an emphasis on seeing the campus through the virtual tour, key to helping future students picture themselves here, says communications co-ordinator Zora Savic.

“Once we get them on to campus for a tour or an open house they can meet the people who will be teaching their classes,” Savic says. “That’s when we’re really able to connect with them.”

The site uses new design templates created by advertising agency STC and launched in May. Savic says it is clean, organized, and puts “front and centre” some key features.

“I am thrilled that the first thing visitors see is our virtual tour,” she says. “It also highlights the testimonial videos with current students talking about their own experiences at the University of Windsor.”

The move to the new layouts took effect Tuesday. Savic asks that academic departments check links on their own websites to the program description pages to make sure they still function properly.