Superman mugA hot drink sends mild-mannered Clark Kent into super action on this mug, for sale at the Campus Bookstore.

Transforming mugs send steamy signals to superheroes

The mugs feature graphics that change with the temperature of their contents.

Sip a cool beverage with Diana Prince … a steamy drink calls Amazon princess Wonder Woman to the rescue. Similar designs summon Superman, Batman or the Green Lantern.

“They’re a fun way to bring a thrill to your coffee break and make your afternoon tea even more exciting,” says marketing co-ordinator Martin Deck. “Now you can look forward to every heart-pounding chai.”

The mugs, produced by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, sell for $12.95 in the Campus Bookstore, located on the lower level of the CAW Student Centre. The line also boasts a Van Gogh self-portrait with disappearing ear, the fates of Henry VIII’s wives, energizing crew members in the Star Trek transporter, and more.

The guild has developed an instructional video on proper mug utilization: