Provost calls for sharing of teaching and learning experiences

Provost Douglas Kneale’s latest Question of the Month, addressed to both students and faculty, tackles teaching and learning experiences at the University of Windsor.

As Dr. Kneale explains, the Strategic Mandate Agreement between the University of Windsor and the Ontario government sets out five overarching priorities to measure the University’s performance. One of these priorities is “Innovation in Teaching and Learning Excellence.”

“While UWindsor has been home to innovative teaching and learning practices for many years, we are always exploring new ways to do things — not just differently, but better,” Kneale says. “To continue and deepen this exploration, I would like to hear from both students and instructors about their very best teaching or learning experiences on campus.”

He poses his Question of the Month for November 2017 to students and faculty:

As a student, what style or format of teaching works best for you? The dynamic lecturer in front of the class? The small discussion group? The hands-on team approach? The hybrid face-to-face and online blend? The exclusive online experience? What’s the most effective way for you to learn?

Alternatively, as an instructor, which strategies from the above list work best from your end? Where do you feel the greatest satisfaction as a teacher, and what approach has contributed the most to student success in your classes?

As always, the author of the most compelling response will win a University of Windsor hoodie from the Campus Bookstore.

More importantly, says Kneale, all respondents will contribute to a valuable body of institutional knowledge that will enable the University of Windsor to deliver even more promising teaching and learning experiences.

Send responses to by November 30. For more information, visit