Aftershokz “bone conduction” wireless headphonesAftershokz “bone conduction” headphones, which deliver sound through the skull to the inner ears, are now available at the Campus Bookstore.

Out-of-ear headphones deliver superior sound to Campus Bookstore

The Campus Bookstore has stocked a variety of styles of “bone conduction” headphones from AfterShokz, and curious consumers can try out a pair.

The patented technology bypasses the eardrums completely, transmitting audio waves through the skull.

“They sit on your cheek and sound incredible,” says marketing co-ordinator Martin Deck. “And because you can still hear ambient noise, you are aware and alert while you enjoy your music.”

Prices range from $69.95 to $169.95; the Campus Bookstore has a demo unit for shoppers to check out the quality of the experience.