Gathering to commemorate missing and murdered Indigenous women

A mini round dance Wednesday, February 14, in the CAW Student Centre will honour missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Law professor Beverly Jacobs will open the event with a brief address at 1:45 p.m.

“My hope is that we address and change the root causes related to the rampant numbers of missing and murdered Indigenous women,” she says. “One needs to know what the root causes are in order to make the necessary changes.”

The event ties in with an awareness campaign that has seen red ribbons bearing the names of missing women displayed on trees across the campus. Organizers ask participants to wear red clothing in support.

“As we are doing these campaigns, what we are trying to do is break down barriers between communities and open up conversations,” says Stephanie Pangowish, a first-year law student.

Wednesday’s dance is free and open to all. It is sponsored by the Aboriginal Education Centre, the Native Student Alliance, and the Indigenous Initiatives.

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