Workshops to explore Open Educational Resources and process for selecting course resources

A two-part workshop series will help instructors explore a sense-making process for deciding on resources to include in courses, and the selection and development of open educational resources.

Jenni Hayman, a learning designer and program coordinator at eCampus Ontario, will facilitate the active workshops.

In the first workshop, instructors will explore the sense-making process as a way of selecting resources that balance workload with supporting effective student learning. The workshop will also help instructors to understand the range of Open Educational Resources (OERs) available to them.

The second workshop explores OERs in more depth, including the differences between adopting, adapting, and creating OERs and where and how to find them.

These workshops are part of a larger research project on understanding how instructors make sense of learning resources in their own context. Jenni invites participants to complete a survey prior to the first workshop:

The workshops are scheduled for 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 27, and Tuesday, April 10, in room 204 of the Welcome Centre.

Instructors can register or find more information on the workshops at:

For more information on the research or the workshops in general, contact Nick Baker in the Office of Open Learning ( or Hayman at