students working in labChemistry and biochemistry students will get the chance to use knowledge attained in the classroom to conduct research in a professional setting.

ChemBiochem internships to apply student knowledge

Undergraduate students studying chemistry or biochemistry will now have the opportunity to apply for a paid internship in their third year of study.

The new internship program will ensure that placements are relevant to each student’s interest, and will be a valuable asset for any students wanting to use their classroom knowledge to conduct research in a professional setting.

The program will also offer a job preparation module designed to help students create resumes, write cover letters, and prepare for interviews.

“Students have come forward saying they want this real-life experience,” says Simon Rondeau-Gagné, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the first department in the Faculty of Science to offer a paid internship program.

“Students will now get to use their knowledge gained from inside the classroom within the context of the workplace.”

Dean of science Chris Houser says students become more employable when they get out of the classroom and experience hands-on research while working in the industry.

“We understand that a degree is important, but to succeed in today’s world you need to be a well-rounded individual with a background of related experience,” says Dr. Houser. “And this is what the new internship program will offer our students.”

While other schools have been offering co-op programs, most places offer multiple single-semester placements, each with a different employer.

“That type of program often does not allow for students to build a strong relationship with their employer,” says Dr. Rondeau-Gagné.

The offered internships are instead one single placement with the same employer over a longer period of time. This also means that companies will invest more time and effort into training students, which will lead to a stronger relationship between interns and their employers.

“This stronger relationship allows for a better training of the students directly in the workplace, ultimately helping them to enter the job market after completing their degree,” Rondeau-Gagné says.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is accepting applications through Monday, September 17. To learn more about the internship opportunity or submit an application, visit the program website.

Darko Milenkovic