lock on digital dataThe University’s legal services department reminds staff and faculty to ensure that confidential information is kept secure.

Legal Services issues caution on securing information

As the holiday season approaches, the University’s legal services department has issued a reminder for staff and faculty to ensure that confidential information is kept secure.

This is especially pertinent when working from home or in a remote location, says Richard Taylor, director of legal services.

“We have a responsibility to protect sensitive information,” he says.

This includes, but is not limited to, the use of encryption, strong passwords pursuant to the University’s Digital Password Management Policy, and other security protocols and features recommended by Information Technology Services:

  • protect records from unauthorized individuals, including family or friends. Lock records away when not in use, e.g. locked cabinet in your locked home;
  • when accessing records remotely, use only authorized, secured networks with encrypted communications;
  • use strong passwords to protect your electronic devices, laptops, and portable devices;
  • ensure that your computer is up-to-date and has appropriate anti-virus tools installed.

Data minimization Employees should refrain from taking confidential information off-campus, including information about identifiable individuals, student records, grades, HR records, non-public financial information, unless required. Take as few records as you can for expected work. If possible, take copies of records, instead of originals.

In Transit Carry confidential records or electronic storage devices containing confidential records in a locked satchel or case. Do not leave records or devices unattended, e.g. at restaurants, washrooms, public transit, or in the back seats of cars.

IT Services has a number of articles that will provide additional information and support:

Breach Protocol In the event of any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information or potential breach, contact the Department of Legal Services at Richard.Taylor@uwindsor.ca as soon as possible to report the disclosure or loss.