Still from the 2012 Abounaddara film “The Unknown Soldier.”Still from the 2012 Abounaddara film “The Unknown Soldier.”

Humanities Week lecture to focus on Syrian film collective

Emerging alongside the Syrian revolution in 2011, the “emergency cinema” of the Abounaddara Collective revises mainstream war reporting. The impressionistic videos produced by its volunteers make use of the wide reach and anonymity afforded by online platforms.

Filmmaker Jason Fox will consider the collective’s work alongside its demand for the human right to the “dignified image” in a free public presentation Tuesday, March 26.

Set for 6 p.m. in the Multimedia Studio in the Alan Wildeman Centre for Creative Arts on Freedom Way, the event is part of Humanities Week.

Fox has taught at Princeton University, Vassar College, and the Graduate School of Cinema Studies at New York University.

Humanities Week continues Wednesday with the Pizza with the Prez reception, which will feature the announcement of the winner of the Why Humanities? contest.