Jhoan BaluyotJhoan Baluyot is the new manager of production and communications in the Office of Public Affairs and Communications.

New hire to head media production unit

A career in public relations in gaming and entertainment is a far cry from one in post-secondary education, says Jhoan Baluyot, but there are more similarities than differences.

Prior to joining the Office of Public Affairs and Communications on April 1 as manager of production and communications, Baluyot enjoyed a 23-year career at Caesars Windsor, 16 years in communications and marketing.

“No matter what the industry is, the goal of any public relations and communications team is to support and promote the vision of the organization,” she explained. “While the audience, product, and internal client may change the strategy, the goal is always to promote the institution or business in a positive way and engage audiences to buy, enrol, or attend.”

She sees the only real challenge with a new employer is ensuring her name is pronounced correctly.

“It’s the ‘h’ that throws everyone off,” she joked. “It’s easier than it looks. I’ve been called Joan, Ivan, John — you name it!”

For the record, her name is pronounced Jo-Anne.

In her new role, Baluyot oversees the staff responsible for the audio, visual, and media production needs of staff and faculty. The small but talented and experienced team of professionals provides technical and creative support for public special events, photography, videography, video and audio production, and management of the expansive studio space in the basement of Lambton Tower.

“Production teams are sometimes the unsung heroes of an event or video product. When it’s done correctly, it’s seamless from the audience’s point of view,” she said. “Many people don’t realize the work that goes into setting up for a gift announcement or conference or creating a promotional video.”

Although Baluyot arrived as the campus winds down for the summer, her unit’s schedule continues to fill up with events.

The biggest focus in May is preparing for Convocation. With six sessions at the end of May and the installation of a new chancellor, her team has its hands full working in conjunction with the registrar, facilities, and more, to ensure the lighting is perfect as students cross the stage, the sound is clearly audible throughout the fieldhouse, and any video runs smoothly and on time.

“I’m looking forward to seeing convocation from the production side and experiencing the rhythm of the campus from orientation to graduation,” said Baluyot. “I’m thankful to be part of the team that promotes the Windsor Proud campaign and exciting vision of the University of Windsor.”

PAC director John Coleman called Baluyot a great addition to the department.

“As we go forward, Jhoan will have a large and important role to play in telling the University’s story both inside and outside the campus community,” said Coleman. “Her wide-ranging experience will be a tremendous asset in her new position.”

To enquire about a service or extend a welcome, contact Baluyot at jbaluyot@uwindsor.ca or 519-253-3000, ext. 4046.