Naser TorabiAfter completing the English Language Improvement Program, Naser Torabi plans to pursue a master’s degree in economics.

Mastery of English opens opportunities in Canada, says Iranian student

As he completed a term in the English Language Improvement Program before beginning master’s studies in economics, Naser Torabi celebrates the opportunities open to him in Canada.

“The job market is so good,” he says. “I can undoubtedly find a high-paying job” in his chosen field of finance.

He contrasts Windsor with his hometown of Isfahan, a city of almost 2 million in central Iran.

“Windsor in my idea is a small city for people who want to enjoy life,” Torabi says. “I have found Canadians pay attention to real life, health, and the environment.”

And of course, Canada is a relatively new country compared to the ancient Persian civilization.

Torabi credits his new skills in English with providing him a path to find success.

“I look forward to continuing my education in the banking industry,” he says. “I hope to earn permanent resident status to stay in this multicultural country where there is a lot of opportunity.”

The Centre for English Language Development will celebrate international language students and their contributions to campus and community on World Student Day, Friday, July 26.

UWindsor faculty, staff, and students are invited to join in free activities, entertainment, and a lunch in the David A. Wilson Commons from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.