Workshops promise professional development for graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants

University of Windsor faculty, students, and staff will gather on Wednesday, Sep. 4, for GATAcademy, a full day of teaching and learning workshops designed especially for graduate assistants (GAs) and teaching assistants (TAs).

GATA Network co-ordinator Elizabeth Ismail says the conference is all about making sure Gas and TAs are fully prepared for the exciting opportunities before them.

“Whether you’re a GA/TA for the first time this fall, or even if you’ve been a GA/TA a dozen times before, GATAcademy is a chance to refresh, review, and reconnect,” she says. “Come with questions; leave with answers and resources on where to find them. GATAcademy is the first step towards building your new support network.”

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Dillon Hall. Registration is free for UWindsor graduate and teaching assistants and includes a complimentary lunch.

Sessions include:

  • Connecting Best Practices for Teaching Linguistically-Diverse International Students with International Student Characteristics and Student Satisfaction with Sumeet Kaur, Victor Sam, Clayton Smith, Deena Wang, and Zhuying Zhuo;
  • Crossing the Rubricon: Exploring Criteria Sheets and Scoring Guides for Grading with Mona Makki and Veronika Mogyorody;
  • More than a Grade: Providing Meaningful Feedback with Ashlyne O’Neil and Kristin Schramer;
  • Effective Lecture Preparation and Delivery with Irene Muir and Shaymaa Zantout;
  • Learning is not a Spectator Sport: Engaging Students using Active Learning Techniques with Lisa Salfi;
  • Using your GA/TAship for Employment and Career Progression with Stephanie Dupley and Manaal Chaudhary;
  • Do You Need Blackboard for What You Do? with Lorna Stolarchuk, Niwit Aryal, Tim Au-Yeung, and Marlene Sebastian;
  • Open Educational Resources with Scott Cowan;
  • Leading Effective Discussions with Paige Coyne and Sindhu De Livera;
  • Decolonizing Practices for Pedagogy with Andrea Sullivan-Clarke;
  • Leading Effective Labs and Tutorials with Tanya Noel and Natalie Gosselin; and
  • Managing being both a Researcher and a GA/TA with Joan Craig, Stephanie Cragg, and Hio Tong Kuan.

Find detailed descriptions of the workshops and brief introductions of the individuals leading them, along with an online registration form, at